House of Etiquette

Everything in life is about social interaction. From family events, school, team sports, dances, music concerts, college, interviews, career, and business world to every day person-to-person communication, the quality of social interaction is strongly valued. The goal of our etiquette courses is to help you develop the confidence and skills needed to deal with any social activity. From basic politeness and table manners to proper business/office presentation, Tina Modeling House of Etiquette offers a wide-range of classes to mold you into a social, confident, and successful person.

Business Etiquette

First impression during job interviews is extremely important. Mastering business etiquette is a token towards success. Tina Modeling offers a variety of business etiquette courses, including self-presentation, tips for the interview process, dress code for the office, basic office etiquette, conference arrangement, table manners, and how to successfully attend a business trip. Whether you are a recent college graduate looking to impress at your next interview or a business entrepreneur who wants to expand your knowledge about self-presentation in the office, there is a class for you!

Young Ladies Etiquette

In this class, young girls will learn to build confidence and an optimistic character. They will learn about their individual body shape and how to dress up. Proper social interaction, graceful self-presentation, and good etiquette will also be emphasized.

Fair Ladies Etiquette

This class is designed for the modern, elegant woman. You will learn about inner beauty and character, social speech, self-presentation, and social graces. The course also emphasizes the appreciation of fashion and will help you find your individual character and style.

Gentlemen Etiquette 

Our Gentleman’s class is designed to introduce basic daily etiquette and social graces to men of all ages. Children welcome also. A gentleman always possesses a certain self-respect and respect for others. Miss Tina Shih will discuss what defines a Gentleman.The class curriculum includes the cardinal rules of being a gentleman: how to make a good first impression, how to make others feel like they are the center of attention, be careful with words, essential etiquette for the workplace, and etiquette that a lady will appreciate. Etiquette and good manners never goes out of style.

High Tea

Learn to immerse yourself in the shear indulgence and unbridled eloquence of sharing delicate cakes and pastries with friends or a loved one over a cup of tea, while doing it with style and grace. How to pour milk? How to stir? Do I pick up the saucer? There are so many details to this art form. Join Miss Tina for tea and learn about the etiquette of attending afternoon tea or high tea. Our hands on learning experience will take place at one of the most exquisite Afternoon Tea/High Tea venues.

Table Manners: Dining 101

When we socialize with people, a good portion of the experience can involve sitting down and having a meal together. Our behavior during mealtime can silently, sometimes not so silently, disclose a lot about us. How do you want to be seen? Ever felt that you don’t know how to enter/exit a room? Where to put yourself? Your drink? Your arms? Join Miss Tina for dinner and learn the etiquette of fine dining through a hands-on workshop. Our hands on learning experience will take place at one of the most exquisite fine dining venues in the area. It will prove to be a deliciously revealing learning experience.

After dining with Miss Tina, you will be equipped with the etiquette foundation you need. You will be able to present yourself elegantly and confidently. Once you have mastered the proper etiquette to fine dining, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and having a wonderful dining experience, be it an informal meal with friends, a power lunch for business, a formal dinner, or even a grand ball.